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Bloody Fate is a free browser based vampire game RPG. War between vampires and other immortal species. We are the hottest vampire mmorpg, choose your side!

The 3 species: Vampires, Hybrids, and Lycans (werewolves) have been at war for eons of time. They set out to destroy one another, until they needed to group together from their own protection against the human hunters. Now, there is families with Vampires, and Lycans together. Who would have thought that the lycans and vampires were to get along. This is because of a new species, nor vampire nor lycan but both, a hybrid.

The species still wage war, but most have made an alliance with each other. The Immortal Ancients keep the three species in check. What do the immortal ancients, and immortal elders have in store for you? Find out now by creating a Bloody Fate account!